Zola Maphila​​ – Trainer in Career Development skills

​Zola Maphila is our “Career Development skills” trainer. She is a Strategic Career Consultant specializing in helping young Africans to find quality employment. Over the past two years, she has generated hundreds of career documents for professionals, job seekers and industry leaders all over South Africa. Not only is Zola Maphila an experienced tutor with extensive knowledge and understanding of the African labor market and modern job search strategies, she also qualifies through her specialization in helping her students identify and effectively demonstrate their Unique Value Proposition.​​​​​​​​​​​

Stefanie Gross – Project Manager​

Stefanie Gross is the Project Manager of afringa academy. She is a young economist with great knowledge on the needed skills to enter the world of work. In the past she has driven forward a female empowerment project in Arusha, Tanzania. In the NPO organization she was helping local women to start their own businesses. Now she concentrates on equipping the afringa academy participants with the needed skills to find high-quality employment.​​​​​​​​​

Our Partners

GDEXA – Partner in Digital skills

GDEXA is our well-trusted partner, responsible for the digital skills-classes. The company is specialized on helping to build up the modern technology skills required. With innovative learning concepts and experienced mentors GDEXA shares invaluable insights with students and young professionals.