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In our 3 months employability program afringa academy provides students with a various skill set to enable a smooth start in the world of work. Currently, HR manager are searching for widely diversified job candidates, offering a well-rounded skill set. Our studying program covers the four most important competence categories: digital-, soft-, language- and career development skills.

Learning style: 40% self-study (work tasks and videos) 60% guided remote online Classroom​​​​.

Hours per week: 7-9 working hours including online classes, homework and self studies.​​​​​​​​​​​

Module 1 (month 1)
Category Course DescriptionLearning style Level
Digital skillsWord/ Open Office processing softwareLearn basics of word processing with Microsoft Word or Open OfficeClassroom and Self-studyBasics
Digital skillsPower Point/ Open Office Impress presentation softwareCreate presentations and layouts with Microsoft Power Point or Open Office Impress Classroom and Self-studyBasics
Soft skillStrategies of efficient Time managementLearn the essentials of a well-planned time management Self-study
Soft skillPowerful mental tools:Get insides on productive working technics, as well as aim setting, concentration, problem solving and motivationSelf-study
Soft skillCommunication and networkingLearn how to communicate/ behave in a professional environmentClassroom and Self-study

After module 1, students will be able to manage their time effectively and work productively. Moreover, they have gained experience in using Microsoft Word/ Open Office as well as Power Point/ Open Office Impress professionally. ​​​​Due to our communication and networking skills class we promote the development of various soft skills, including relationship building and the ability to work in teams.

Module 2 (month 2)
CategoryCourseDescriptionLearning styleLevel
Digital skillsPowerPoint/ Open Office Impress presentation software Improve Power Point skills to an advanced levelClassroom and Self-studyadvanced
Digital skillsExcel/ OpenOffice.org Calc Spreadsheet softwareKnowledge on how to use Excel in the daily world of workClassroom and Self-study Basics
Digital skillsOnline Video Conferencing softwareLearn how to use and present yourself in online conferencing software such as ZOOMSelf-study
Career Development skillsApply for jobs -training courseManage to write a proper resume. Skills on how to master a job interview. Classroom and Self-study
Soft skillsDealing with criticismLearn how to deal with criticismSelf-study

Students who have successfully completed the second module, manage to write proper resumes, and know how to master job interviews. With including classes about online video conferencing software, we prepare our students for possible online meetings. ​Furthermore, the participants have learned the professional use of Power Point/Open Office Impress to create convincing presentations and layouts. Basic skills of Excel/ Open Office.org calc are adopted.​

Module 3 (month 3)
Category Course DescriptionLearning styleLevel
Digital skillsExcel/ OpenOffice.org Calc processing softwareStudy advanced tools of Excel: calculation, pivot tables and moreClassroomAdvanced
Soft skillsStress managementWays to prevent and relieve stressSelf-study
Soft skillsPublic Speaking and class presentationsLearn how to present yourself and important topics in front of audience.Classroom
Soft skillsCommunication and networkingYou will learn Business networking strategies to set you up for successClassroom and Self-study
Language skillsBusiness EnglishUpgrade your English on a business levelClassroom and Self-study
Career Development skillsCover Video/ Cover Letter classLearn how to write convincing cover letters/ record outstanding cover videosClassroom and Self-study

Our 3rd and final module will round off the established skills for a successful entry in the world of work. The Excel/Open Office.org Calc knowledge of our students will accelerate to an advanced level. afringa academy users are enabled to write professional work mails and have also improved their soft and personal competences. Moreover, the final module strengthens Public speaking abilities, and upgrades the language skills of our participants to proper Business English.

After successfully completing the afringa academy online university our students receive the ​​​​​​afringa work-skills certificate.​​

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Program fees

The tuition fee is 45$​​.​​​​

If you need financial support, please apply for our financial aid program: http://afringa-academy.com/financial-support-program/