Interview preparation tips part 2

The upcoming nervousness in job interviews can make it seem difficult to behave professionally. But don’t you worry, we have collected some tips that might help!

How to negotiate your salary part 2

Negotiating your salary is a difficult step in the job application process. But don`t worry in the second part of this video series Andrew is giving you more tips on how to master the discussion.

Common interview questions part 2

Having a good personalized answer to a tricky interview question can save you the job. So, take the chance and expand your knowledge about the most common questions in this video.

How to negotiate your salary part 1

Negotiating your salary is one of the most frightening parts during the whole application process for many job seekers. This video will lower your concerns when it comes to negotiating salary.

Interview preparation tips part 1

It is always super exciting to get invited to job interviews. ​ You have convinced the HR manager in the first round, now it is time to secure the job by mastering the job-interview.

Common interview questions part 1

Nearly every job candidate is struggling at least once with unexpected job interview questions, catching them off guard. Watch this video to be prepared for your next interview.

Common interview mistakes part 2

Have you watched our first part about common interview mistakes and are eager to learn more? The second part is waiting for you with more tips on how to master your next job interview.

Common interview mistakes Part 1

Have you ever left an interview confident to get the job only to receive a rejection letter? Learn with Catherine about common interview mistakes and how you can avoid them.