About us

afringa academy is a fast-growing online learning platform, aiming to form well-rounded job candidates with a diverse skill set.

Our mission

Our mission is to prepare the next generation of young Africans for the world of work. We train them to become well-rounded attractive job candidates.

The content of our website concentrates on answering two of the ​most common questions of young job-seekers:

1. How to become an attractive job candidate?

Appealing employees are characterized by a well-rounded skill set, including digital-, soft- and language skills. The afringa academy is currently providing our users with various videos concerning these topics.

2. How to successfully apply fo​r a job?

Even skillful applicants can struggle finding a job if they haven`t developed career development skills. Therefore, we support our students in all application steps, delivering useful tips on how to successfully enter the labor market.

Coming soon:

afringa academy is currently establishing a 3-month employability program. With this onl​ine university study, you are going to develop an ideal skill set to ensure employment.​​

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